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We are one of the very few shipping logistics companies that operate in this Door to Door (DTD) realm. We found additional values could be added to Clients who involve their Logistics Partners right from the requisition stage. Thus we help in analyzing delivery terms of shipment; trade documentation, vendor expediting, Carrier choice and charter, budgeting etc. We are there for you, be it LC transactions; eCommerce or any other.

Freight Air & Sea (Import & Export)

PSL is capable of making great bargain freight arrangements for our Clients from ex-factory to port of destination, be it air or sea port. Our good bargain rates result from volume bargaining using the collective strength of our customer's business, carefully selected partnerships with shipping lines and cargo airlines, as well as port operators or concessionaires. These cost savings from both freight and insurance becomes significant for client with volume shipment over time. Our freight services also include shipment expediting and loss recovery services. This is significant for time bound and proprietary shipments.

Custom Clearance

Whether it's for import or export cargo, equipment or machinery, re-importation or re-exportation of project equipment or spares, Containerized, Group-age or RORO shipments, you are at home in the right hands. We help our clients resolve tariff issues, customs documentation; permits and all other regulatory requirements. All this we do with focus on speed and cost optimization. Our main concern is to minimize your total cost of ownership, whether pecuniary or otherwise and also give you the deserve peace of mind for your money! We rely on our extensive and up-to-date knowledge, professional skills and good network of key contacts in the industry, to deliver exceptional value, at all times. We also ensure your transactions are compliant with prevailing regulations and are perpetually sustainable.

Warehouse Services

Whether at our owned warehouse, client's designated warehouse or third party leased/rented warehouse, we will conveniently provide handling, storage, packing, crating, break-bulk or consolidation, inventory management, facility management, distribution and other value-adding services in support or your personal, commercial, industrial or project objectives.

Delivery & Distribution Logistics

This range of services includes Port-to-Door and Door-to-Port haulage; Local and National and Trans- border Distribution; Door-to-Door relocation; Heavy Duty Haulage for Construction Projects; etc. We provide these haulages for containerized cargo; bulk cargo, wet cargo, commodities, vehicles; electronics equipment, and in fact all sorts of inventory. We operate on all routes (Land, Rail, Water, intermodal... you name it. We've delivered by camel and even by cart!).
PSL delivers mostly using owned fleet, and sometimes through leased fleet sourced from pre-qualified partners; all the time, with flexible Goods-In-Transit Insurance covers. All your goods are delivered in good condition, at the time!

Project Services

These services are customized based on Client's requests or the peculiarities of the circumstance. Be it for construction, turnkey, oil and gas, we design and implement great logistics to support your project, especially where heavy duty haulage and handling is required. We have the competence to handle specialized cargo that requires temperature or humidity control, specialized handling and transportation (such as hazardous material, even some classes of material).

Access tracking services offered by all relevant airlines.

Scam Alert
It’s been brought to our notice that some dubious individuals/group are using our name to defraud the general public through employment scheme. The General public is thereby warned that PSL is not recruiting neither do we engage any recruiting agency to do so on our behalf. Anyone who falls victim is on his/ her own. BEWARE!!!

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You benefit from our experience in delivering effective solutions to the complex global supply chains of some of the world’s biggest corporations.

Fast Delivery

You benefit from every innovation, whether it involves a simple extension to our Air and Sea Freight services, whether it means a development in warehousing.

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You will find the team of outstanding support at PSL ready to apply their passion for solutions in support of your business.

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